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Why do I need a 3 colored jersey?
If your asking that question then you haven't organized 15+ kids in practice at one time!  The Triversible is a practice aide for coaches to help them with team organization.  Coaches are using three colored sides now with that third color coming from kids going skins, t-shirts that the kids wear under their reversibles or even extra jerseys on the sideline.  The Triversible gives coaches, and players, easy access to that third color in one garment.
Who is using Triversibles?
College, High School and Middle School coaches are our largest group of customers.    We also sell the design to club/aau teams, acadamies and camps.  We are starting to really expand out market into those Crazy Student Sections via our ability to set up school campaigns - EMAIL US for info!  
How easy is it to reverse the colors?  Is there a trick?
The Triversible works in the same way a reversible jersey works.  You take off the jerseys, reach inside the color you want and reverse the jersey, then put the jersey back on.
What if my colors don't appear in the list of options?
Contact us - we have access to a lot of colors, we can work to get you the exact colors you want!
What are my printing options?
We can print the jerseys any way you want!  Some coaches just do Logos on the front of all three sides.  Some coaches choose to save some money on printing costs by just printing 2 Front Logos and 2 Back Numbers (one side will be completely blank).  This allows for kids to have the numbers and logos they need for summer camps and also gives everyone access to that third colored side.

How does the weight compare to other jerseys?
We have our fabrics manufactured in 100gsm micromesh to get a durable fabric that is lighter weight than the normal athletic mesh material.  
As a comparison a Triversibles that is screenprinted on 4 of the 6 sides weighs approximately 1/2 ounce more than a sublimated game jersey of the same size.
Can I get a sample?
Triversibles are custom made to get the exact colors you want.  With that in mind we do have some "stock" samples that are in generic colors.  So yes we can get you a sample but it will be in a size large and will be in our stocked colors.  The cost of a sample is $25 and you can order that by filling out a request form and adding in sample requested in the comments box.
How long will it take to get my Triversibles?
Triversibles are custom made to get you your specific colors and so we do not stock any jerseys.  In most cases our manufacturing time is approximately 3-4 weeks, but we do have some colors that we can get out in 10-14 days. Once you place your order we can give you a more specific time frame.
Do you take school purchase order numbers?
We can take School PO #'s.  If you are interested in doing this please make note of this in your request quote submission.

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